Here are short instructions for how to share customized Gmail templates you have created via the cloudHQ extension:

NOTE: Please authorize your Google Drive in the “Users & Cloud accounts” tab.

  1. Go to the “Share” tab.
  2. Choose Share for single user to share your Google Drive folder:
    Share Gmail
  3. Choose folder “Gmail Templates” in Google Drive where your cutomized templates are stored, then click “Share”:
    Share Folder
  4. Put email recipients (separated by commas) and a message to members you will share customized Gmail template, then click “Share”:
    Email Share Recipients
    For example:
    Share window
  5. Here is how you can see if members have accepted the invitation:
    “How to check who accepted share”
  6. Once members have accepted the invitation, members should sync to their Google Drive:
    Share window
    Member should authorize Google Drive:
    Share window
  7. Members will be notified of successful sync with Google Drive:
    Share window

  8. Customized Gmail templates should be visible when members click “Insert Template” icon
    (Note: chrome extension should be installed):
    Share window