Here are short instructions for how to accept access to a shared folder/label:

Accepting a share from cloudHQ’s website:

Note: Member or invitee is assumed to be logged into their own cloudHQ account.

  1. Go to the Share tab.
  2. Click the dropdown of the shared folder with “Waiting for your response”:
    Shared folder
  3. Click “Accept” from the shared folder:
    Accept Shared folder
  4. After accepting the share, please proceed to sync the shared folder with the cloud service of your choice.

Accepting share from email

Note: Member is assumed to be logged into their own email account:

  1. Go to your email account.
  2. Open your email account and click “Accept Invite” from your email invitation:
    Accept Invite
  3. After accepting the share, choose the cloud service where you want to sync your shared data:
    Accept Invite
  4. Click the icon of the cloud service you want to accept and access the shared folder/label:
    Accept Invite
  5. Choose an account and authorize cloudHQ in that account:
    Accept Invite
  6. Shared data will automatically be synchronized, and the owner will receive an automatic email:
    Accept Invite
  7. The owner can also manage the shared folder by clicking the link in the lower right corner:
    Accept Invite